Cloud migration strategy

Move data to the cloud and optimise costs already at the migration stage.

Your journey to the cloud can be carried out in a planned manner through a cloud migration strategy created with us according to your business model and technical requirements.

We offer support from cloud architects with experience in building migration projects to AWS, AZURE, GCP environments. Take advantage of our consulting services to choose the most optimal cloud provider with a tailored model of service usage.

Our advantage in the market is to choose the most cost-effective solution. We are a producer of the Cloudmizer - a tool used for cost optimization of cloud environments. Cloudmizer is our proprietary solution, optimizing costs of AWS, Google, Azure. Cloudmizer offers, among other things, monitoring of costs in the cloud; recommendations of suggested changes to achieve savings; it also provides cost prediction.

We are experts in cost optimisation, we will help your organization to save money right from the beginning.

How do we develop a migration strategy to the cloud?


  • We analyze your technologies (architecture, systems, applications) and determine the direction of change: hybrid or public clouds.

Readiness assessment

  • We assess your company’s readiness to change. We also analyze your business development needs so that the choice of technology has an impact on achieving your business goals.

Help with choosing the platform

  • We help you choose the right cloud platform for Azure, AWS or Google. With our help, you will get the most cost-effective environment from the very beginning.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculation

  • We will prepare a TCO calculation for you, compare cloud computing costs to the cost of maintaining your on-premise resources.

Preliminary design

  • We will prepare a preliminary design of the cloud environment architecture. You will receive the methodology, schedule and plan of migration to the cloud.


  • We provide a valuation of the cloud migration project together with cost optimisation.


Cloud Partners are experts in cost optimization of cloud environments.

Take advantage of our experience and build your cost-effective journey to the cloud with us.