Cloud migration project with cost optimisation at the start.

Each cloud migration project should be treated individually. The choice of a specific migration scenario should take into account people, processes, technologies in your organization. With us, you will go through the analysis of technical, business and system architecture requirements and prepare a migration plan to the AWS, AZURE, GCP cloud.

You will be able to take care of cost optimization from the very beginning of creating the environment. We are experts in this area, we will help you to save your organisation from the very beginning. We will provide you with knowledge on how to monitor costs and what changes to make so that your company has a constantly cost-effective cloud environment.

We are a manufacturer of Cloudmizer tool for cost optimization of cloud environments. Cloudmizer is our proprietary solution, optimizing costs for AWS, Google, Azure. Cloudmizer offers, among other things, monitoring of costs in the cloud; recommendations of suggested changes to achieve savings; it also provides cost prediction.

Migracja do chumry

How will we achieve cloud migration?


We will carry out an analysis of your technologies (architecture, systems, applications), prepare a migration plan or a migration strategy to the cloud.


We will carry out a pilot program — we will test the selected application in terms of cloud performance and the possibility of operating in the new environment


We will carry out data migration and application migration — we will select methods and tools that meet the requirements of your environment.


We will ensure flexibility and automation of services — we will select the right tools to manage resources for your IT team


We will ensure data security

Training courses

We will provide training for your administrators and users in order to complete the process of migration faster


We will provide you with post-implementation support


Cloud Partners are experts in cloud migration.

Make the most of our experience and build your cost-effective journey to the cloud with us.