Cloudmizer analyzes, forecasts and optimizes cloud costs for: AWS, Azure and GCP

We know that effective cloud optimization should include, among others: regular monitoring and consumption planning or periodic review of the prices of available machines.

In response to these needs, we have created a tool to optimize cloud costs, e.g. to control expenses on the cloud, to forecast bill values and to reduce costs.

Cloudmizer is the automation of these activities, thanks to this your company saves time and money, and also achieves much better results from the implemented cloud!

Click the image to see the effects of sample analysis and cost optimization...

Main features

Visibility of costs

It provides visibility of the costs of the cloud environment — for instance, what costs were generated by each virtual machine

Time interval

Provides the opportunity to determine the time frame within which optimisation can be made


Shows recommendations with suggested changes to be made to the cloud environment in order to achieve savings

Several scenarios

It gives the opportunity to obtain even several possible scenarios for optimisation solutions

Prediction of costs

Based on the machine learning included in Cloudmizer you will receive a cost forecast


Alerts are provided in case of exceeding the set consumption limits