Cost-effective journey to the public or hybrid cloud

Take advantage of our professional services and choose your public or hybrid cloud solution. Cost-effectively migrate your company's data to the cloud. Monitor, analyze and forecast costs of the cloud. Explore our tools to optimize costs for Azure, AWS and GCP.

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Nasza szeroka oferta usług doradczych pozwoli Ci łatwo przenieść dane do chmury, zoptymalizować koszty infrastruktury i przeszkolić zespoły zarządzające usługami chmurowymi.


Cloud Migration Strategy

Creating a strategy and a plan for migration to the cloud.

Migration of the data to the cloud

Carry out your data migration to a public or hybrid cloud.

Cloud cost optimization

Reducing cloud management costs up to 90%.

Cloud training courses

Training on migration to the public and hybrid clouds.

Data migration based on our experience and innovative solutions

Our IT Architects

Experienced in data migration, optimization and modernization of the ICT infrastructure of business clients.


Analysis, forecast and cost optimization thanks to proprietary technology that supports AWS, Azure and GCP clouds.

Our Cloud Partners

We implement our solutions in cooperation with leading providers of cloud platforms:

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Provides a reliable and easy-to-use set of cloud solutions and tools.

Amazon Web Servies (AWS)

Provides scalable and cost-effective cloud computing solutions.

Microsoft Azure (MS Azure)

Cloud computing for efficient application building, testing and deployment.

Operator Chmura Krajowa (OChK)

Offers services that increase the flexibility, efficiency and security of the IT environment.

Professional cloud migration pays off!

Many years of experience of our IT architects in modernizing IT areas allows us to provide secure solutions tailored to the technical requirements and business goals of your company.

Efficient data migration to the target platform

Security of the implemented cloud infrastructure

Accelerate the return on investment in migrating to the cloud

Comprehensive support at every stage of the cloud implementation process

Accelerate your company's digital transformation

We will guide your business through a cost-effective journey to the public or hybrid cloud.

We will also optimize the cost of your infrastructure based on AWS, Azure or GCP cloud with our proprietary tool Cloudmizer